Hey Howdy!

I'm Braeden :)

He / Him

I am a Senior at DePaul University pursuing a BS in Game Design with a Minor in Animation, and a focus on Visual and Thematic Game Design. I have a lifelong love for both Tabletop and Digital Games which when combined with my background in Psychology impassioned me with the dedication to use Games as a means to connect with people emotionally through Design.

I am a professional creative who heavily benefits from and advocates for diverse collaboration; and I firmly believe in the constant pursuit for further inclusivity and accessibility in Gaming Development. I love working with a variety of professionals who are capable of using their unique backgrounds and specialties to tackle whatever problem is brought to the table. Be it a Game Jam or Independent Project I am ecstatic at the opportunity to develop exciting and inviting art with others- and to make something truly stellar.

Outside of Game Design I am a proud cat dad, humongous Tabletop Roleplaying Game player, and avid lover of Nature. Most of my free time not spent writing or sketching is used Camping or playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Pictured above is my partner (left) and myself at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois

Proficient Programs

The following programs are the current list of systems and software that I feel comfortable and adept in using. That being said I am an incredibly fast learner and love adding to my knowledge of creative ecosystems. If you would like me to learn or collaborate with you under a different software, please feel free to contact me. It is easiest for me to access programs compatible with Windows OS however I am more than capable of accessing and using systems only compatible with Mac or Linux OS.

Autodesk Maya
Unreal Engine