Analog Game Design

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Dedication to Storytelling
Since being introduced to my first game of Dungeons and Dragons I have been beyond hooked on the idea of collaborative storytelling. From the artificial narrative sometimes created amongst friends during a game of Magic: The Gathering to the facilitated plot in a game of Call of Cthulhu I am utterly enamored by the conductive role games can play in stories. My tireless quest to make analog games quenches that oozing love.
My Analog Projects
Below are a few of my personal Game Design Projects specifically meant for the Analog mediums. The majority of the included material are custom made subclasses for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. However, amongst the collection is also my attempt at designing my own completely unique TTRPG system and mechanics. Both groups are meant to showcase my passion and depth of creative design for analog games- particularly relating to TTRPGs.

D&D 5th Edition Systems Design

Below are a small collection of my custom 'Homebrewed' dungeons and dragons 5th edition content. The entirety of the displayed content below are composed of "Subclasses"; custom archetypes of established class mechanics existing within the game already. While the ideas and composure are completely of my own doing, the art used within the projects has been borrowed and properly credited. The program used to compose the following subclasses is the free website: "The Homebrewery". The following collection serves as an adequate display of my mechanics ability, thematic design, and technical composition; and is constantly being added upon.