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A Lifetime of Passion
I have been an avid lover of illustration and artistry for as long as I can possibly remember; Going as far back as my memory allows, I remember doodling dragons and superheroes in the margins of my elementary school notebook during class. This bursting love has grown and manifest over the years through a variety of styles, themes, and mediums- and has left an indelible mark on the way I view the world.
My 2D Projects
Below are various categorical sections works of my 2D artworks as made over the last three years or so. Across the selected examples my proficiencies in sketch concept work, pixel art, inking, shading, and coloring are showed. The majority of the selected works have been made in either Procreate or Photoshop, with a few receiving aid from Adobe Illustrator. The following projects are composed of school assignments, personal projects, and free lance associate work.

Nautilus (2021-WIP) | Animated Series

Beginning as a passion project belonging to a long time friend and writing partner, I was brought onto Nautilus as a Character Concept Artist in mid 2022. The original goal for the project was to create a two to three season animated series that explored the colorful and diverse realm of the Void- a dimension between dimensions- through the eyes of a wide cast of characters and a protagonist who is trying to find her place in the chaos of it all. Since being brought onto the project I have aided in the visual development of a few different characters, as well as provided guidance as to the Illustrative technique and styling of the series. Below are a few WIP concept pieces from the project.

Below is the expressions sheet for one of the characters I helped Design. I was inspired by the way in which cats move their ears.

This is a fine inking of the bust of Captain Yaro, a supporting character of Nautilus. He is a fluffy, ferocious, feline pirate captain who mentors the protagonist as to life in the void.

This is the remnants of the draft sheet whereupon I began various sketches of Yaro, and collaborated with the Project lead to finalize ideas and concepts.

This is the draft sheet I began working on for another supporting character by the name of Barry DeSuede- ultimately taking the Project Lead's notes.

Below are the spread of immediate drafts I had made for Barry, each attempting different styles and appearances for both his astronaut and his ghostly side.

Barry is the ghost of a deceased astronaut whose soul was pulled into the void at the moment of death. He is also Yaro's right hand man and first mate.